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Ag and Food

Electric pumping rates. What are the best utility rates for agriculture? What are the best electricity rates for agriculture? Lower power rates for crops and livestock, special districts, and other large utility customers. Power companies overcharging for years.

UCM Partial Client List: Agriculture and Food

Abacherli Dairy
A-Bar Ag Enterprises
Abbate Farms
Abbey of New Clairvaux
Agriland Holding
Airoso Dairy
American Fresh
Anderson Clayton Corp.
Anthony Vineyards
Arakelian Ranch
Atsma Dairies
B&H Flowers
Babe Farms
Baldwin Minkler Farms
Bardsley Dairy
Bean Investment Real Estate
Bennys Produce
Bertagna Orchards
Berti Produce
Blue Banner Company
Bowles Farming Comapany
Brokaw Nursery
Brokaw Ranch Company
Browns Dairy
Bruce & Barbara Rolen
Burford Ranch
C&R Produce
Cal Fresh Produce
California Citrus Mutual
California Family Foods
California Pajarosa
Cal-Sun Produce
Camflor, Inc
Campos Brothers Farms
Chase National Kiwi Farms
Chefs Choice Produce
Chico Produce & Eureka Produce
Cilker Orchards
Classic Salads
Cloverdale Dairy
Coast Nurseries
Color Spot Nurseries
Coosemans - San Francisco
Cosyns Farms
Cottonwood Farms
County Line Gin
David C Roberts Company
Dean Foods - Alta Dena/Heartland Farms Dairy
DeBenedetto Ag
Del Rey Packing Company
Dias & Fragoso

Diestel Turkey Ranch
DM Camp & Sons
Do Rights Plant Growers
Douglas Maddox
Earls Organic Produce
Elkhorn Dairy
Etcheverry - Cobeen Joint Venture
Farmer’s Rice Cooperative
Farmers Cooperative Gin, Inc.
Fillmore-Piru Citrus Association
Five Harvest Company
Forman Vineyard
Foster Farms Dairy
Foster Poultry Farms
Frank Capurro & Son
Franzella Distributing
Fred Rau Dairy  
Freddys Finest Produce
Fresh Express, Inc.
Fresh Farms
Fresno Cooperative Raisin Growers
Gallup & Stribling Orchids
General Vineyard Service
George Longfellow
George Pappas
Gerawan Farming
GMC Dairy
Goyenetche Dairy
Great Western Growers
Hampton Farming - CYN Vineyard
Harris Woolf Almonds
Henry A Garcia Dairy
Henry Hibino Farms
High Ranch Nursery
Highland Ranch
Hilltop Ranch, Inc.
Hoffman Dairies
Hoffman Farms
Holland Nut Company
Huebert Farms
Ito Farms
J Marchini & Son
J.G. Boswell Company
Jack Givens
Jack Sparrowk
JC Produce
JG Boswell Company
John DeMartini Company
Josiassen Josiassen & Gaut
JR Dairy
JVJ Dairy
Keenan Farms

Kencarol, Inc
Kirk Williams
Kitayama Brothers
Kundert Brothers Farms Inc
Landscape Unlimited Nursery
Leavens Ranches
Leogrande Brothers Produce
Live Oak Farms
Lou-AR Dairy
Lovecchio & Sons
Lyons Magnus
Madrone Vineyard Management
Maffei Produce
Maggiore Ranches
Magnolia Citrus Association
Malibu Vineyards
Mann Packing Company
Marchini Farms
McAfee Farms
McCormick & Co. / Schilling
Mcdonalds Aquatic Nursery
McLellan Botanicals Taisuco America
Mendes Family
Mercado Latino, Inc
Mexico Produce
Milky Way Dairy - South
Minturn Nut Company
Mountain View Farming
Mulholland Citrus
Nat Feinn & Son - AG5C
Natural Selection Foods
Nick Koretoff Ranches
North Bay Produce Company
Nunes Bros Dairy
Nunes Company
O Lippi & Company
Oasis Date Gardens
OK Produce Company
Orange County Produce
Orange Cove-Sanger Citrus Association
Orradre Farming
P&D Dairy
Pacific International Rice Mills
Pacific Rim Produce
Palmaz Vineyards
Pan American Agriculture Corporation
Paramount Citrus
Paramount Farms
Park Greenhouses
Pitman Farms
Primex Farms LLC
Producer’s Dairy Foods, Inc.
Quality Dairy
Quality Fresh Produce

RA Sano Farms
Rebensdorf Vineyards
Red Rose Dairy
River Edge Farms / Doud & Assoc, Inc.
Riverwest Processing
Rogers Ranches
Roos Ranches
Russos Wholesale Produce
Safeway/Von's Milk Plant
San Francisco Flower Growers Association
San Francisco Wholesale Produce Market
Santa Barbara Olive Company
Sea Mist Farms - Ocean Mist Farms
Sequoia Wholesale Florist International
Simas & Bettencourt Farms
Simonian Farms
Sited Oak Dairy
Sopwith Farms
Specimen House
Stanley Produce
STC Distributing
Stewart & Jasper Orchards
Stoneland Westhaven Cotton Company
Stremick's Heritage Foods
Sun Foods LLC
Sundial Orchards
Sunmaid Growers of California
Superstore Industries
Sweet Haven Dairy
Sy Gardens Indoor Plants
Sycamore Family Trust
Tanimura & Antle
Tayama Greenhouses
Taylor Farms
Taylor Farms - Shilling Plant
Toor Farming
Treehouse California Almonds
Tri-City Farms
Universe Company
Van Duyn John Farms
Veggie Works
Vignolo Farms
West Pak Avocado
Western Agricultural Services - River Ranch
Western Valley Farms
Westside Hulling Association
What A Tomato
Witman Ranch
WJ Griffin, Inc
WMJ Farms