Utility Cost Management LLC

Bill Auditing

UCM lowers city utility costs with its bill audit service and is the leading rate analysis service in California.


Utility Bill Analysis

It is no wonder that utility bills are frequently incorrect. Utility charges are determined by complex, ever-changing rules and regulations. Adding to the problem is the fact that customers’ facilities and usage characteristics are also frequently changing.

Through its Bill Analysis Service, UCM expertly applies the regulations that determine your utility charges. By constantly monitoring developments in the regulatory environment, UCM ensures that the utility charges comply with the latest interpretations, rulings and amendments to the regulations. If UCM identifies a billing discrepancy, it will take steps to correct the error going forward, and recover a refund. If the utility provider disputes UCM’s findings, UCM may take the matter up with the Public Utilities Commission.

Since UCM offers the Bill Analysis Service on a contingency fee basis, there are no out-of-pocket costs for you. In other words, UCM’s compensation is based on a percentage of the refund or savings that you obtain. If no refund or savings is received, then you pay nothing. This makes the Bill Analysis Service a true “win-win” proposition.

Here is how the Bill Analysis Service works:

You provide UCM with just one month’s utility bills.

  • UCM then obtains historical billing data directly from utility providers.

  • UCM performs its analysis.

  • UCM sends you a written report of its findings, typically within 60 days.

  • UCM requests any identified refunds or billing adjustments from utility providers.

  • UCM then negotiates with utility providers and/or regulatory authorities to ensure that refunds are paid and billing adjustments are made.

  • You receive your refund or billing adjustment.

  • UCM invoices you for its share (but only after you receive your refund or billing adjustment).

  • The Bill Analysis Service offers these benefits:

No Risk. UCM’s compensation is based on a percentage of the refund or savings you realize. If you do not receive a refund or savings, you pay nothing.

No Hassle. All that is typically required of you is to send us one month’s utility bills. Sometimes, it is necessary to ask you questions about your facilities and operations. Occasionally, we may need to perform a site visit. And that’s it. UCM makes the process entirely hassle-free for you and your staff.

Proven Results. UCM has been reviewing utility charges since 1991, and has recovered more than $140 million dollars in refunds and savings. All of these savings have been realized without client capital outlays.