Utility Cost Management LLC
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Energy Advisory and Consulting

Utility Cost Management represents California utility customers at the California Public Utilities Commission at no cost to the city.

Energy and Advisory Consulting Services

It is challenging for multi-site utility customers to effectively manage costs. Where should they begin? What information needs to be gathered and evaluated?  Which facilities need the greatest attention? Which cost-reduction measures are real, which should be avoided, and which will yield the greatest ROI? There is so much data, so many programs and opportunities, so much new technology – and most of it is explained to you by the people who are trying to sell it to you.

UCM provides objective advice and analyses that enables clients to focus utility resources on the best opportunities. With UCM’s experts identifying, analyzing and implementing cost-effective measures, utility expenses are reduced and clients have the peace of mind that their energy and utility issues are being handled.

Of course, when it comes to developing a plan to control utility costs, the needs of each customer are unique. That is why UCM strives to understand clients’ business objectives and utility-related goals, and then tailors its proposals and services to meet those goals.

Some of the ways that UCM’s Utility Management Services can help clients include:

Energy Accounting Services
UCM can develop customized databases that enable clients to track utility expenditures across multiple sites and facilities. Capturing utility data in this way often is an important first step in any utility management plan.

Utility Data Compilation
You can’t improve what you can’t measure.  Utility consumption is notoriously difficult to evaluate from month to month, or year to year, because it is impacted by many variables – weather, occupancy, production levels, and facility and operational changes to name a few.  UCM can organize and make sense of complex utility data, so that clients can make meaningful assessments of their energy performance.

Utility Data Analysis
Tracking utility consumption is a good first step, but it isn’t enough – the data must be analyzed to uncover valuable insights and opportunities. Unfortunately, few customers have the time or expertise to perform thorough analyses.  UCM can help. We have the in-depth understanding of utility data that can only be acquired after working with thousands of facilities since 1991.  With this understanding, we can identify substantial savings for clients, often with no capital outlays.

UCM can use utility data to make insightful comparisons to other facilities in the same industry, or among facilities in a particular portfolio. This benchmarking function isolates specific usage characteristics and normalizes data for external factors, which enables clients to focus resources on sites that offer the greatest return on investment.

Evaluation of Vendor Proposals
The products and services available for energy efficiency and water conservation are often highly technical, and the only source of information you have is the company that is trying to sell these options to you.  UCM can provide an objective, unbiased evaluation of the proposals you are considering.

RFP Preparation and Evaluation
To ensure the efficient procurement of energy efficiency products and services, UCM can prepare, administer, and evaluate RFP’s.

Evaluation of Facility Upgrades, Service Upgrades and Operational Changes
Customers often have ideas on actions they can take to reduce utility expenditures, but they lack the time and expertise to assess the impact of their actions.  As a result, many opportunities never get implemented.  UCM provides accurate, detailed analyses of how changes in facilities, service, or operations will affect utility charges, allowing clients to make informed decisions.

Identification of Financing Options
Securing financing is a major obstacle to completing energy efficiency projects. UCM can help identify the best options to fit your needs.

Project Presentation to Board of Directors or Other Decision Makers
UCM can present energy efficiency and water conservation proposals to the decision makers who need to be informed. Our experience with large government and private sector organizations can help “bridge the communication gap” that often exists between decision makers in various departments.    

Measurement & Verification (M&V) of Project Results
Once efficiency or conservation measures have been implemented, M&V of actual savings is essential to determine if the measures are performing as expected. UCM can provide M&V analyses and reports that comply with IPMVP standards and give clients a clear understanding of the impact of their efficiency and conservation efforts.

Utility Strategic Plan
UCM can provide a strategic plan that prioritizes and describes the measures that should be taken to reduce utility costs. UCM can assist with the implementation of the plan, and subsequent M&V of results, at whatever level of involvement that clients choose.