Utility Cost Management LLC
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PUC Representation

Utility Cost Management LLC represents clients in hearings at the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). CPUC Representation.

PUC Representation

Utility regulators have the difficult task of formulating rates and regulations to apply in an even-handed way to thousands, even millions, of customers, each of whom uses energy differently. Not surprisingly, customer groups are sometimes treated inequitably and consequently pay more than their fair share.

UCM represents trade groups, industry associations, and customers in Public Utilities Commission (PUC) proceedings to rectify these unfair rates and regulations. UCM identifies the faulty tariff provisions, quantifies the impact of potential solutions, develops the arguments supporting our position, and presents the argument to regulators and utilities through PUC proceedings. In formulating its positions, UCM relies on analysis of past PUC policies and decisions, and strives to offer solutions that are consistent with accepted ratemaking principles and sound public policy.

UCM’s PUC Representation service has succeeded in bringing about important changes to utilities’ rates and regulations. Over the years, we have found that regulators will respond when they are made aware of situations where customers are being treated unfairly.