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Testimonials - Property Management

Analyze electricity, gas, water, sewer, and garbage utility billings to identify charges that do not comply. Save big money and get refunds for Property Management, Senior Living, and Investment Properties.

UCM Client Testimonials: Property Management

“I would like to give an enthusiastic recommendation of Utility Cost Management LLC for the outstanding work they have performed for the Christian Church Homes of Northern California… It has been my experience that UCM is both highly effective and easy to work with. It is without hesitation that I recommend UCM to other utility customers who want to reduce their utility expenditures.”

“The Fillmore Center received significant savings with virtually no involvement…It was not only painless to work with UCM, but a pleasure. I would enthusiastically recommend their services.”
— Steve Boyack, General Manager – THE FILLMORE CENTER

“UCM’s cost-saving expertise has directly resulted in a 20% reduction in utility cost on nearly 500 utility accounts serving 75 properties… Many thanks and my highest compliments go out to UCM!”
— Robert Prettyman, Regional Vice President of Operations – MERCY SERVICES CORPORATION

“We took on this task with trepidation and selected UCM over others because of their professional presentation, flexibility, enthusiasm, and assurances that their review would not create work for our staff. Within four months the process was nearly completed with $300,000.00 in identified refunds and savings. Our experience has been profitable and pleasant.”
— Loren Sanborn, Vice President – THE JOHN STEWART COMPANY

“I recommend UCM to others who are interested in saving money on utilities with no risk or hassle. CCHC’s experience with this company has most definitely been a positive one.”

“We have worked with several utility analysis firms and are convinced that UCM provides the most straight-forward and honest methodology. Their no-nonsense approach, including copying of invoices, supplying accurate billing data, and their pleasant staff are only a few reasons why we are able to highly recommend UCM.”
— James Valva, Director of Property Management – BRIDGE HOUSING

“In fact, over $60,000 in utility refunds already have been recovered, and hundreds of thousands of dollars in ongoing savings will be realized in the coming years… Based on UCM’s work for Avalon Bay during the past three years, I am confident in recommending the firm to others.”
— James Willden, Senior Director of Engineering – AVALON BAY COMMUNITIES, INC.

“Prometheus has been using Utility Cost Management for many years now. We have found that working with UCM is an extremely effective way to realize utility savings and recover past overcharges and errors in billing.”
— Michael D. Drouin, Vice President – PROMETHEUS REAL ESTATE GROUP

“As a result of UCM’s thorough analysis, in the past year utility charges across our portfolio have been reduced by more than $350,000.”
— Jeff Bosshard, Senior Vice President – WOODMONT REAL ESTATE SERVICES

“We worked with UCM to analyze our utility bills, which resulted in $200,000 in savings per year. They also obtained refunds totaling more than $250,000. The process was easy and efficient, and the staff worked quickly and diligently on our behalf.”
— Stuart Hartman, Vice President of Operations – RETIREMENT HOUSING FOUNDATION

“As a result of UCM’s analysis, PG&E and Southern California Edison made billing changes to 100 accounts that have reduced annual utility costs by more than $106,000. All of these savings opportunities were identified, investigated, and implemented by UCM. In one instance, the firm even filed a complaint with the California Public Utilities Commission to compel Edison to comply with applicable tariffs and make rate discounts available to one of our sites.”
— Joette Platenak, Director of Purchasing – IRVINE APARTMENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY

“As well as the obvious utility cost savings, Todco, by utilizing the Utility Management Service, has also realized significant savings of its staff time. Todco has been able to entrust all utility-related tasks to UCM.”
— Marcus Loy, Director of Asset Management – TODCO IMPACT COMPANY

“I have been pleasantly surprised by the fact that UCM has been able to deliver these excellent results with only minimal time commitment from my staff and me. UCM has been able to operate independently, while keeping me fully apprised of their progress. UCM’s personnel have been courteous and professional in all of our dealings…”
— Steve Randall, Asset Management Vice President – MUTUAL OF NEW YORK REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT

“The results of UCM’s work have been outstanding… State Fund has been very pleased with UCM’s performance. The firm has been professional, responsive, and diligent in dealing with utility companies as well as State Fund personnel. Even though 18 properties were reviewed simultaneously, the project was simple for State Fund because UCM took care of everything, right up to ensuring that we received refund checks timely.”

“The Frances Group has been very pleased by the results of UCM’s work – the refunds proved to be a welcome and unexpected source of income to our clients. We also appreciated the fact that UCM delivered on its promise to complete this project without requiring involvement from our personnel, allowing the Frances Group to focus on its day to day property management responsibilities.”
— Beth Gibson, President – THE FRANCES GROUP

“I appreciate the professionalism and attention you gave me when I had inquiries during the project. In addition, your firm’s flexibility in addressing our concerns make the entire experience with UCM a positive one.”
— Mark Dennis, Regional Property Manager – CH PORTFOLIO INVESTORS

“…Prior to my tenure at the Transamerica Pyramid, UCM succeeded in recovering over $500,000 for the Pyramid for utility billing errors that had been ongoing for more than 15 years. Partly based on this past success, I hired UCM again… Once again, UCM’s services have been remarkably profitable for the Transamerica Pyramid.”
— Jeanine Layland, Vice President – LOWE ENTERPRISES REAL ESTATE GROUP

“I would like to thank you for all of your help in reducing the cost of PG&E bills for many of our shopping centers. Your work is excellent and you have always responded to my needs in a timely manner.”
— Gloria Schermerhorn, Executive Vice President – MANCO ABBOTT INCORPORATED