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Utility Bill Analysis

Within 90 days, UCM reduced electricity bills for a large retail chain over $460,000.


The Full Story - Over 44o short-term rate changes, all approved by PG&E.

UCM was retained by one of the nation’s largest grocery chains to analyze electricity costs at more than 220 stores in Northern and Central California.  UCM analyzed 15-minute “interval data” for each location and discovered that the stores would realize savings if electricity service were temporarily provided under rate schedules that used revised “time of use” (TOU) periods.  In most cases, UCM’s analysis showed that the new TOU rate structure would be beneficial for only one or two months.


In order to take advantage of this opportunity, UCM had to obtain a waiver from the PG&E requirement that rate changes occur only once every 12 months.  In a series of meetings with utility personnel, UCM established the rationale for the waiver, and then worked with PG&E to obtain California Public Utilities Commission approval for the new policy.  The CPUC allowed the short-term rate changes to occur, and UCM handled all aspects of implementation, both to and from the new rates – more than 440 rate changes in all!


In the end, UCM’s client reduced electricity costs by more than $460,000 in less than 90 days.  These savings were achieved with no capital outlays, no changes in how electricity was used, and no client time.  UCM took care of everything, including providing the client with a detailed breakdown of actual savings after the project was complete – a truly winning project in every sense.

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