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An Impeccable Record of Accomplishment

Over 30 years experience in the most complicated regulatory environment in the country.

About UCM

Practice & Experience

Since 1991, Utility Cost Management LLC has been helping large utility customers to reduce utility expenses though the informed application of utility data and regulations.  Based in California, home of the most complex utility regulations in the country, UCM has generated over $250 million in refunds and savings for a wide variety of clients, including public entities, educational institutions, residential and commercial real estate owners and managers, hospitals, manufacturers, food processors, farmers, hotels, and non-profit organizations.

Over the years, UCM has developed a record of accomplishments and distinction.  The firm has represented customers in several landmark regulatory proceedings which have altered the way electric utility companies interpret and apply their own rates.  It has been a driving force in the formulation and adoption of new regulations that have benefited tens of thousands of utility customers.  And its work has been the impetus for change in the way that many municipal utilities impose and collect water fees, sewer fees, and utility user taxes.

A Difference Built on Tariff and Regulatory Expertise

There are many companies that would like to tell you how to reduce utility costs or achieve sustainability goals. But most of these companies approach energy issues with their own particular agenda. In most cases, their advice is influenced by their specific area of expertise, or by products and services that they hope to sell to you – whether it’s solar panels, energy-efficient equipment, a maintenance contract, or energy accounting software.

UCM is different.  Yes, we’re objective, because our only goal is identifying and implementing the best solution, not selling a particular product.  But more than that, UCM’s regulatory focus ensures that clients face a level playing field when working to reduce utility expenditures.  UCM’s clients do not have to accept that utility providers are the “judge and jury” when they request a lower rate, implement a new technology, or ask to participate in a special program.  Instead, they can be confident that utility tariffs and regulations are being applied fairly, and to their benefit whenever possible.

UCM can offer this wide-ranging expertise because of the unique perspective that the firm has gained during the past three decades. Very few firms get an in-depth view of the way that thousands of commercial, industrial, agricultural, and governmental customers manage their utility expenses.  From this experience, UCM has seen what works, and what doesn’t, and has learned how customers can benefit from in-depth analyses of utility data and greater understanding of rates and regulations.

Finally, UCM has developed its expertise by participating in regulatory proceedings to bring about far-reaching changes to utility company policies and tariffs. This work has required UCM to develop an understanding of regulatory issues that is far beyond the capabilities of even the largest utility customers, which we put to use every day to help our clients.

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