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Utility bill charges are complicated.
But with UCM's help, reducing them isn't.

Expert Utility Rate and Tariff Analysis for large utility customers.

UCM identifies utility billing errors and recovers refunds.

UCM provides in-depth tariff and regulatory analysis to ensure customers' rates are minimized and refunds for past overcharges are secured.

Utility charges are determined by complex, ever-changing rules and regulations, which are becoming increasingly convoluted as customers generate more of their own energy and adopt new technologies.  Meanwhile, there is more data available than ever before, but it is rarely used effectively.  As a result, savings opportunities often go unseen for years – even by the most sophisticated energy professionals.    
Since 1991, Utility Cost Management LLC has been helping large utility customers reduce costs through the informed application of utility data and regulations.  UCM has generated over $250 million in savings for a wide variety of clients, and has represented customers in several important regulatory proceedings that have had far-reaching impacts on the ways utilities interpret and apply their own rates. 

"I would strongly recommend UCM for tariff and regulatory analysis for any energy consumer, regardless of size, type and sophistication.  In my opinion, UCM is among the 'best in class' for energy, tariff, and utility data analysis.'

“UCM has been wonderful and thank you for holding my hand during this process and allowing me to try to understand your incredibly complex world of power and energy… Again, thank you so much for your help.”

"As the nation's largest supermarket chain, Kroger aggressively works to minimize utility costs ... UCM's work analyzing water and sewer costs at sites around the country helped Kroger to become aware of various billing issues, and to realize substantial savings."

Utility Tariff Analysis and Interpretation is a core competency.

UCM's Utility Bill Analysis identifies bill errors that other efforts miss.
Any large utility customer seeking to reduce costs will benefit from UCM's in-depth review.

Retail Chains    Commercial Properties     Government Entities; City, County, State   

Food Processors    Hotels    Hospitals    Farming & Agriculture   Manufacturers

Utility bill cost reduction services that do not disrupt facility operations, services, or billing procedures.
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