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UCM's Partnerships

A Cost-Reduction Services company has benefited substantially through a partnership with UCM.

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The Full Story -  UCM's core skill set has added value to a Cost-Reduction company's portfolio of services.

In 2013, UCM began working with a company that offered a variety of cost-reduction services to its clients.  For many of the firm’s clients, utilities were a top-5 expense category, so the firm responded to clients’ concerns and sought to develop a utilities practice. 


The partnership has been a success in every way.  More than 100 of the firm’s clients have significantly reduced their utility costs without changing their behavior or operations, and without investing time or money into the process.  Meanwhile, UCM’s partner is generating millions of dollars each year in added revenue, while also fostering client goodwill that translates into added business for its other practice groups.


In this particular arrangement, UCM’s partner handles all of the marketing, contracting, and client communications, allowing UCM to focus on its core competencies – the analysis of utility data and the implementation of cost-reduction measures.  The close collaboration between UCM and its partner ensures that clients receive best-in-class services.

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