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UCM helped a casino incorporate various generation assets over several years.

Rate and Regulatory Consulting


The Full Story -  Today, UCM's client generates all of the electricity it needs - more than 40 million kWh per year.

A Native American tribe owns and operates a large casino, hotel, and other facilities with more than 8 MW of aggregated electric demand.  UCM has advised the tribe over several years as it has acquired major generation assets, including cogeneration, solar, and fuel cells. UCM’s work has been varied, and has included the following:


  • Pro-forma calculations on expected costs and savings associated with major energy capital investments,

  • Evaluation of vendor calculations and proposals,

  • Regulatory analysis and negotiation with the tribe’s electric utility on charges assessed for “stranded costs” (i.e., “departing load charges”) and “standby” service, and

  • Implementation of various beneficial rate changes made available because of the incorporation of generation assets.


Today, the tribe generates all of the electricity it needs to operate the casino and hotel – more than 40 million kWh per year – and pays the utility relatively modest standby fees.  UCM continues to serve as a trusted advisor whenever energy or utility issues arise.

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