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UCM implemented a system to manage data from 800 monthly water bills.

Rate and Regulatory Consulting

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The Full Story -  The City Council wanted to see how their water conservation efforts were paying off - UCM provided the solution.

A City Council wanted to monitor the results of efforts to reduce water usage during a drought.  There was just one problem – the city received over 800 monthly bills from three different providers, and staff was barely able to get the bills paid on time, much less capture and organize water consumption data.  The city turned to UCM for help.


Working with city staff, UCM created a database that simplified and streamlined the data entry required to process each water bill, while simultaneously capturing detailed consumption and cost data that had not been obtained before.  As the system was created, UCM responded to feedback from the city and made adjustments to the software to include the specific features the city wanted.  Once the database was complete, UCM trained those who would be using it to ensure the transition to the new system went smoothly.  In the end, the system not only allowed the city to perform meaningful analyses of water consumption and costs, but also reduced the time and expense to process and pay the bills.

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