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Utility Bill Analysis

UCM's action at the CPUC resulted in millions saved for California Cotton Ginners.

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The Full Story -  UCM filed a formal complaint with the PUC which led to $9 million in refunds and ongoing savings of $2 million per year.

UCM identified a billing issue that was systematically increasing electricity charges for cotton gins throughout California.  After PG&E refused to alter its policy, UCM worked with the ginners’ trade association to bring together a group of 33 ginning companies with more than 70 facilities – virtually the entire industry in the state.


UCM filed a formal complaint at the California Public Utilities Commission on behalf of this group.  UCM handled all aspects of the complaint process, including discovery, attendance at hearings, oral argument, witness testimony, cross-examination, and the preparation of numerous briefs explaining the justification for the relief the ginners were seeking, and rebutting the utility’s arguments.  The process was delayed for more than a year because of PG&E’s bankruptcy, which raised new issues that UCM had to navigate, but eventually the CPUC ordered the utility to pay more than $9 million in refunds to UCM’s clients, and to reduce their ongoing electricity charges by more than $2 million per year.

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