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UCM's Partnerships

UCM's partnership has reduced costs for over 130 public entity association members.


The Full Story -  Over 130 public entities have saved over $10 million.

An association representing more than 1,000 public entities recognized that utility costs, especially for electricity, were a major concern for its members.   After searching for qualified firms that could help, the association determined that UCM stood out as the best choice, and designated UCM as its exclusive affiliate for utility rate and regulatory analyses.


With the association’s endorsement, UCM marketed its services directly to members.  Thus far, more than 130 agencies have participated, reducing their utility costs by more than $10 million, benefitting from preferred pricing that UCM offers to association members.


Through its partnership with UCM, the association has demonstrated its responsiveness to member concerns and has added a valuable service to is portfolio.  The feedback about the program that the association has received from its members has been universally positive, leading the association to continually renew its partnership with UCM.

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