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UCM's Parterships

UCM's Bill Analysis brings value to Consulting Services offered by a large Accounting Firm.


The Full Story -  The firm generates considerable new revenues through a revenue-sharing agreement in place with UCM.

One of the nation’s largest accounting firms already offered a variety of consulting services to its clients, but wanted to add expertise in utility rate and regulatory analysis.  In 2020, the firm and UCM began working together to offer these services to selected clients.


The accounting firm signed agreements with clients, and subcontracted the work to UCM.  Among the first four projects completed, two involved small companies where UCM was able to recover six-figure refunds from utility providers for billing errors, one involved a mid-sized company that will reduce ongoing costs by hundreds of thousands of dollar per year, and another resulted in minimal savings opportunities for a public entity.


In each case, regardless of the outcome, clients appreciated that their accountants were “going the extra mile” to look out for their financial interests, further solidifying client relationships.  Additionally, the firm generated considerable new revenues through a revenue-sharing agreement it had in place with UCM.

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